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Chiropractor Reviews – actual results of Upper Cervical Specific care – personal testimonials in the

Are you looking for a good doctor? Can the body really heal and be well? Read actual Chiropractor reviews from real people, plus clinical case studies on Upper Cervical Specific care in Bentonville, Arkansas. Dr. Blackketter at Genesis Chiropractic is thrilled to share these success stories (our patients are pretty happy too!) so you and your loved ones can know there is still hope for you and solutions to your problems.


Chiropractor Reviews from our patients…actual results (personal testimonials) about Vitalistic Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care.

Click this link to read five star ratings and patient reviews of Dr. Blackketter — all verified by as real live people with actual results from upper cervical care in our clinic.

CLICK any of the following symptoms (patient testimonials, video interviews, case studies, online ratings, and doctor recommendations):

1- ulcerative colitis and chronic neck pain 2- extreme debilitating pain from migraine headaches completely incapacitated her, drugs quit helping 3- whiplash damage to ligaments, tendons, discs, and nerves caused pain and digestive problems 4- four brief testimonies from one of our newsletters 5- hemiplegic migraine pseudo seizure non-epileptic disturbance altering speech and ability to walk 6- deafness cured (hearing restored), shoulder and neck pain gone, and more energy 7- several Yelp reviews for Dr. Blackketter at Genesis Chiropractic 8- ADD / ADHD behavioral problems digestive disorder and gluten sensitivity 9- migraine headaches during pregnancy, digestive dysfunction, TMJ disorder, numbness in hands 10- pain in the hip knee ankle foot head neck rib and low back 11- “coming here definitely makes all the difference” pain between shoulder blades completely gone 12- bilateral focal dystonia (shaking and twitching tremors) 13- list of conditions that have responded well to upper cervical care 14- low energy & no stamina, low back pain, arm and hand numbness 15- anxiety panic attacks and reduced range of motion in neck after fall on head as a child 16- run a faster half marathon, relief from pain numbness and migraine headaches

As you read some of these amazing testimony reports, please listen to their stories. Please understand that our patients have seen incredible restoration of each of these symptoms and disorders. This is so much bigger than simply Clinical Case Studies or Doctor Reviews. These are personal stories about pain, fear, hopelessness, severe dysfunction, and even desperation. Real people’s lives are being changed. But, I have a brief clarification — well actually, it’s almost a confession because I need to shoot straight with you…

Doctors can’t cure health problems.

Doctors aren’t miracle workers.

Doctors don’t heal sick people.

I don’t have the power to work miraculous healing.

I don’t care if you’ve been a faithful patient of 1 doctor your whole life or if you’ve seen 100 different doctors looking for answers. Whether you’ve seen general practitioners or specialists is irrelevant. DCs, MDs, DOs, NDs, DDSs, PTs, or PhDs — It’s all the same!! Modern medical science is amazing, but none of us have ever made your body heal…never…not even once.

We can’t heal broken bones.

We aren’t able to make your immune system work.

We don’t cure diseases. And BTW, we can’t even keep you alive IF it’s your time to go…

Go ahead ask any emergency room surgeon, paramedic, nurse, or EMT if you don’t believe me.

Healing does NOT come from the OUTSIDE.

In other words outside efforts don’t heal you: treatments, drugs, therapies, nutrition, herbs, surgeries, pills, shots, exercises, special diets, magic potions, creams or ointments, essential oils, ionized water, vitamin & mineral supplements, chemotherapy, radiation, injections, etc. DO NOT HEAL the body

The only way anybody has ever healed is from the wisdom INSIDE.

Sorry if this bursts your bubble, but it’s a fact: only God can heal.

And He does it one of two ways:

1) Healing happens naturally from the inborn self-healing intelligent design He placed inside of you. OR 2) Healing comes by a supernatural intervention (aka “a miracle” of God) that is beyond all human explanation.

The inborn innate intelligence inside of you is responsible for coordinating & controlling every function in your body, including healing.

My job as a Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractor is to help re-connect your brain-to-body nerve communication so that your internal natural healing system can do its best work! For more information about the inborn natural healing abilities of the body check out these blog posts about vitalism and natural healthcare:

Dr. Blackketter, vitalistic upper cervical specific Chiropractor, enjoying Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

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Now that we have that concept under our belts, let’s move back to the patient stories and video testimonials from GENESIS Chiropractic: Quick link to patient testimonials category on Genesis Chiropractic’s blog.

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