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NEW updates for Bentonville’s Upper Cervical Doctor

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We are so excited about updating this website and our blog!

While it may have been on the cutting edge back around 2009/2010 when GENESIS Chiropractic first opened in Bentonville, things have changed…dramatically since then.

Nearly everyone has gone to mobile devices (for search, reviews, and even scheduling their appointments), so our social media and digital interface with our patients and the public needed to be refreshed and made mobile-friendly. These new updates will help connect us with the people in NW Arkansas who really need to find an upper cervical doctor.

We also want to provide an easier way for patients and prospective patients to find out what people think about Dr. Blackketter and upper cervical specific care. Check out the 5 star reviews. Read patient testimonials. Write your own comments. Share with friends!

As we roll out this change to our website, be assured that our patient care remains focused on correcting the cause of your health problems not simply treating the symptoms. Each individual person has unique health needs and our care plans are customized for your best benefit.

Let us know what you think!

Dr. B


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