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Hearing restored, chronic neck pain relieved, a life revitalized by upper cervical care

Patient testimonial video was originally published on Youtube and Facebook on Aug 18, 2012

This patient lost a majority of her mid-range hearing after an accident during her late teens. For years she dealt with chronic neck pain, hearing loss, achy and arthritic joints, arm pain and back pain, and various other issues…until she tried Upper Cervical care.

This is a huge deal…

What we do is NOT pain therapy (although she feels much better). It is NOT a treatment for deafness (although her hearing was restored to normal)!! It is NOT a cure for arthritis (although her neck and spinal joints began moving easily and pain free).

How does a nearly deaf woman in her early 30s with chronic pain makes such a dramatic turn around? She wasn’t interested in simply “treating symptoms” anymore, because that hadn’t helped her much over the years. We were looking for a real change that would correct the cause of her problem so her body could work normally again.

Simply put, we restored her brain-to-body communication so she could begin to heal and function better. We “un-pinched the nerves” around her brain stem at the top of the spinal cord.

Is upper cervical chiropractic a deafness cure? How does this work?

The doctor took a set of precision 3-D Blair x-rays, checked her nerve function, and then adjusted the 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae (Atlas & Axis). This specific chiropractic adjustment cleared away the stress and tension from her nerve system and also improved the alignment and balance of her spine. Her hearing began to improve from day one and continued healing over time with routine appointments to check the nerve system.

We are committed to helping you Revitalize Your Life and Reclaim Your Health.

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Sometimes healing takes more time than we’d expect, but this process will work if we are patient. The body is capable of moving from disease and dysfunction to a healthy normal lifestyle…all it needs is no interference!

Dr. Blackketter is accepting new patients. FREE consultations are available every Monday and Thursday at 12:00 PM (noon). You’ve found the best Chiropractor in Bentonville so stop wasting time and call: 479.696.8000 to set up your 1st appointment at the only Upper Cervical clinic in the entire region. Our office is located in N. Bentonville 1/2 mile off I-49 – Check us out and see how Blair Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic is different from therapy, different from massage, different from medical pain treatments, and different from general chiropractic.

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