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Pain completely gone after Upper Cervical Care

“Coming here definitely makes all the difference…” — patient testimony about GENESIS Chiropractic in Bentonville, AR.

“Coming here definitely makes all the difference…” — patient testimony about GENESIS Chiropractic in Bentonville, AR.

Patient satisfaction with Dr. Jason Blackketter — read patient reviews of the doctor and check out our 5 star ratings and learn about the benefits of upper cervical care:

Video interview with 28 year old female suffering from chronic back pain:

How did you find out about Dr. Blackketter and Upper Cervical Care?

“I first came to see Dr. Blackketter after a good friend of mine shared to me the difference between conventional chiropractic and upper cervical care. She shared with me her success story and how much it had helped her. After discussing my issues, she suggested that I come here and see how much he could help me.”

What differences have you noticed?

“After going to conventional chiropractors for about 15 years, I still wasn’t finding much relief. I was still having to go back every week and being twisted and popped and turned just to feel better, and after coming here, the adjustments have held for months at a time and it definitely makes a huge difference.”

Describe your symptoms and health concerns before you started the upper cervical care:

“Before I started upper cervical care, my back would hurt so bad, it would hurt to pick up my three year old child and carry him out of the bathtub, put him in the car seat. It was even hurting so bad that at times, I wouldn’t even realize, but I wouldn’t even breathe very deeply because it hurt right between my shoulder blades.”

What benefits have you noticed as a result of your care?

“Since starting the program here at Genesis Chiropractic, I have had complete pain relief in my shoulder blades. I have been able to play with my kids more, pick them up without pain, and get through the day without hurting or being exhausted from not being able to breathe very deep.”

Who do you think could benefit from this specific form of chiropractic?

“I think that anybody can benefit from upper cervical care, especially people that have been to conventional chiropractors before and have not seen any relief. Coming here definitely makes all the difference!”

To set up a consultation with the only upper cervical specific Chiropractor in Bentonville, Arkansas, please contact our office: 479-696-8000

Fewer adjustments are needed because people are able to hold their alignment longer than with conventional chiropractic care. Watch the video testimony about how her back having chronic pain and shoulder blade pain from deep breathing is completely gone after starting our program of upper cervical care.

She reports an improved quality of life: it is easier to lift her 3 year old out of the bathtub, she has no more pain to breathe deeply, and can enjoy more time playing with her children now that she is pain free!

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