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Bicycling from Kansas City to Pittsburg to Miami to Bentonville

“Coming here definitely makes all the difference…” — patient testimony about GENESIS Chiropractic in Bentonville, AR.

Thought I’d share a brief story about one of my long-time loves: riding the open road. I’m talking about biking for 2 days, with 3 friends, in 4 states.

This is about 10 months late, publishing after the fact for some reason…

I’m not a “biker” — no tattoos — no noisy motorbikes — no exhaust or fossil fuel involved — no blaring radios. I’m talking about pedaling. Transportation on your own power with the close up interaction with our environment is so peaceful. All of the senses are involved…cool wind across my face in the morning, the lovely salmon and yellow in the clouds at sunrise, breathing in the sweet earthy comfort of freshly cut hay, a steady whirring rhythm of tires on pavement and chains through derailleurs, burn of lactic acid in the legs after an extra effort up a hill, and the stingy saltiness of sweat from my brow.

early morning departure

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August in the Midwest is usually hot and often very windy. Mid-late summer is usually hot & dry enough to wilt trees and scorch the grass. But it can also be hot & humid with the heavy air of storms threatening. Either way the weather is NOT mild, except for the summer of 2014, which has been a lovely exception to the norm. We’ve had a sublime and enjoyable summer with mild temperatures, consistent rain, followed by dry air. This oddly calm weather pattern worked in our favor. This inaugural edition of our “Quad State Ride” was wonderfully enjoyable and I hope to be back out on another adventure soon!

Alan (who is currently in the middle of a cross country ride) and Stephen were my cycling buddies for this trip. We started on the Kansas side of Kansas City. The first day took us all the way to Pittsburg, KS. The 2nd day included 3 states, Oklahoma, Missouri, finally concluding in Bentonville, Arkansas. Enjoy a couple of pictures from the 2014 ride south KS to AR — 248 miles in 2 days!

Dr. B

P.S. here are a few more pics from another 2 day Kansas ride. This one is from June 2015 (published on time) and includes my long-time friend Alan, and special guest, my son. We met Alan on his cross-country bicycle trip, using Iola, Kansas as our base. Luke and I rode 102 miles in 2 days.

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