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5 tips for Building Immunity Naturally — Good Health is your greatest Wealth

“Good Health is your Greatest Wealth” September 2013 Health News fromBentonville Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Blackketter of GENESIS Chiropractic.

People ask about flu shots every fall.

For more info. on this topic, check out our 5 tips for Building Immunity Naturally (without drugs, shots, or fear tactics)…amazingly your body is smart enough to do this on its own!!

It makes a lot of sense to think about your immune system as children are back into school and sports. If you have children, make sure they have the best school year yet. Bring them into the office to get checked for subluxation.

Spine and nerve problems can affect anyone, regardless of age…and pain is NOT a reliable symptom of a problem. We know that a spine in proper alignment helps kids think clearly, focus better, feel more relaxed, and perform up to their God-given potential.

And for Adults, don’t forget about your health!! You need to get your spine and nervous system checked regularly too.

A clear nerve system improves your immune function and helps your body heal faster so you don’t miss work or lack energy for your many duties!

Our fall newsletter also includes a testimonial story about a teenager girl’s return to normal health. Before regular chiropractic care she suffered from chronic headaches, usually 5 or 6 per week. Once we were able to clear her spine and nerve function with a specific upper cervical adjustment, her body balanced properly and healed naturally…no more headaches!!

Building immunity naturally does NOT include flu shots, using alcohol or bleach or other hand sanitizing gels, or avoiding hand to hand contact.

1. Stay hydrated…(more details in newsletter) 2. Get your fresh fruits and vegetables, daily… 3. Exercise… 4. Sleep… 5. Maintain a healthy nerve system… [facebook_ilike]

#5 is where we can help.

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