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5 things upper cervical specific Chiropractors do

Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractors do 5 things: Scan, Leg Checks, X-rays, Palpate, and Adjust (but only when you need it). The benefit to our patients (clients) is better function.

A few weeks ago it was my turn to share a 10 minute “commercial” about GENESIS Chiropractic at the Bentonville / Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce weekly networking meeting. This is an enjoyable and informal round-table type of event. People typically interact with the usual social pleasantries, sip coffee, and catch up on small talk. It’s all about building relationships and helping each other grow our businesses.

The usual format of the “Chamber morning coffee” goes like this:

+ Everyone gets a chance to share a 60 second spiel (or schpiel if you prefer the Yiddish over the German spelling & pronunciation) about their business and who they are looking for as a new customer or client or patient. + Each person also passes around some business cards. + Occasionally people will ask questions for clarification or more info., and some weeks people will share leads or referrals for another member. + Usually someone makes announcements about upcoming events around NW Arkansas or special promotions. + And most weeks we highlight one of the local businesses by giving them an expanded time slot — 10 minutes to share more details about their product or service.

As I said it was my turn, and I was excited!

But how do I explain the features and benefits of a highly technical little known approach in healthcare without sounding like a bore or talking over their heads?!?

I needed to simplify what I do and tell how it helps people in the most basic and simple terms possible…yet I didn’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence by “dumbing it down” too much.

As I was driving my children to school that morning, I asked them to explain what I do. Here’s what they told me: “You run scans, do leg checks, take x-rays, palpate, and adjust people when they are subluxated.”

That’s it!



They did my presentation for me.

All I do is 5 simple things…and that is why Genesis Chiropractic is different.

Here it is again (with some more details):

1) Scan — test the function of the nerve system with a dual probe skin temperature device. This digital paraspinal thermography unit detects imbalance in the autonomic nerve system and shows a unique heat pattern graph indicating subluxation.

Nerve function scan — Left graph taken after upper cervical adjustment shows balance

The most basic foundation for maintaining better health is to “Get the nerve system checked.” The brain is connected to every cell in the body by nerves. This intricate system controls and coordinates every function in the body.

2) Posture analysis — usually includes leg checks (functional leg length inequality test) to see pelvic imbalance, muscle spasm, and overall distortionof the entire body. Bad posture is an important clue that someone has a neuromusculoskeletal issue which needs to be corrected.

3) X-ray — detailed views of the bones in the upper neck allow the doctor to see and measure the exact angles, shape, size, and contours of the cervical vertebrae determining the exact area of misalignment and dysfunction of the spine. Without films we’d be blindly guessing, and that isn’t good enough!

4) Palpation — precise gentle physical examination of the spine (finding all those tight & tender knots and tension spots), and paying special attention to the joints in the neck, the muscle tone, and any improper motion segments in your spine.

5) Adjust — we deliver a specific correction of the Atlas and Axis (also called C1 & C2 or the 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae). The adjustment is designed for each individual from the x-ray analysis. It is a unique “tailor-made” precise correction (watch video on Dr. Blackketter’s Youtube channel).

There is NO twisting, popping, cracking, or traction involved in our adjustments!! These precise upper cervical adjustments are safe, effective, and very commonly gentle…many people report feeling nothing more than a slight pressure behind their ear and then it’s done.

Because we use such a detailed protocol and precise workup, we expect our adjustments to hold and last much longer than common traditional chiropractic adjustment or general manipulation. Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractors realign the head and neck to the proper position and restore normal function to the brain stem and spinal cord.

We do this to put your body in the best possible position to heal naturally like it was designed, correct the cause of your problems, and restore your health so you can thrive and be your best!

There are no needles, no pills, no blood pressure cuffs, no looking down your throat or up your butt, no drugs, no peeing in a cup, no blood draws, and no lab work.

Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic does 5 things: Scan, Leg Checks, X-rays, Palpate, and Adjust when you need it. The benefit to our clients is better function with fewer adjustments! Once the head is on straight again, the nerve system will begin working properly, your body will heal, and you will function better. Period. It’s as simple as that!

Give us a call today and set up a FREE consultation with the doctor to get the nerve system checked and see if Upper Cervical care is right for you and your family.


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