Health and function improved in 3 months — patient testimony

Just last week at a 3 month update exam a patient excitedly reported the following:

“I’ve lost 18 lbs. in 3 months without changing my lifestyle habits (other than coming into the office for care). My husband and I were very skeptical about your plan to adjust my upper neck and expect my body to simply start working better…but I’ve I’ve achieved 99% of my original goal of no pain. It is amazing! I’m feeling 90% better than I have in I don’t know how many years!! Not only have I lost this weight, but I’m able to be more active, no more numbness in my arm and hands — they are fine now. I also have an incredible improvement in energy & stamina and can work without any pain because my low back is better now too. Even my husband is telling people about how much you’ve helped me, and that is a miracle!”

If you’d like to see how we can help you or a friend, please contact the office. We offer FREE consultations twice each week for new or prospective patients. Monday and Thursday at 12:00 Noon are the free group consultation times. If you’d like to schedule an individual appointment with the doctor for $75.00, we can fit that into our daily schedule. Either way (free at noon OR $75 at your convenience) the doctor will answer all of your questions and help figure out if this is the best fit for your needs!!

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